The Creaking Door OTR Old Time Radio Show MP3 CD 60 Episodes


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In 1952 scripts from the original Inner Sanctum began to be recorded in Australia, and about fifty of these shows were aired with the Inner Sanctum title, but a dispute over fees erupted and the show was discontinued. In 1958 the series returned, and to avoid any legal disputes it was renamed ‘The Creaking Door.’ New scripts were written by Australian writers, who effectively wrote variations of the American scripts. In 1964 The Creaking door reemerged in South Africa, using original scripts which included stories with a heavier emphasis on the supernatural, with the host for this series being Peter Bloomfield.

Includes 37 Episodes!

Episodes On This CD:

CD xxxxxx – [01] The Vagrant.mp3
CDxxxxxx – [02] I See Ghosts [274].mp3
CDxxxxxx – [03] Aunt Mae [275].mp3
CDxxxxxx – [04] The Dummy [274].mp3
CDxxxxxx – [05] The Haunted Hangman.mp3
CDxxxxxx – [06] Face to Face – [Music of the Spheres].mp3
CDxxxxxx – [07] Dangerous Dive.mp3
CDxxxxxx – [08] The Ghost at Ridgeway.mp3
CDxxxxxx – [09] Bring Her Bones [275].mp3
CDxxxxxx – [10] Don’t Go Down in the Mines [095].mp3
CDxxxxxx – [11] Village of Daleside.mp3
CDxxxxxx – [12] The Cat Woman [448].mp3
CDxxxxxx – [13] The Imposter.mp3
CDxxxxxx – [14] Inn Spectre [448].mp3
CDxxxxxx – [15] A Room For The Night [448].mp3
CDxxxxxx – [16] Like Blood Sisters [448].mp3
CDxxxxxx – [17] Death in Your Hands.mp3
CDxxxxxx – [18] Happier Dead.mp3
CDxxxxxx – [19] Yesterday You Died.mp3
CDxxxxxx – [20] Secret of The Mausoleum [151].mp3
CDxxxxxx – [21] The Girl, The Gold, The Getaway [448].mp3
CDxxxxxx – [23] Ever Lovin Doll [407].mp3
CDxxxxxx – [24] The Man In The Lift [448].mp3
CDxxxxxx – [25] Day of Truce [095].mp3
CDxxxxxx – [26] The Cards [448].mp3
CDxxxxxx – [27] White Scarf Strangler [179].mp3
CDxxxxxx – [28] Three Wishes [274].mp3
CDxxxxxx – [29] Don’t Take My Blood [142].mp3
CDxxxxxx – [30] Who Stopped the Train (The Signalman) [448].mp3
CDxxxxxx – [31] The Isle Of Lost Souls [448].mp3
CDxxxxxx – [32] Alive In The Grave [275].mp3
CDxxxxxx – [33] Death On the Road [448].mp3
CDxxxxxx – [34] The Hangman’s Rope.mp3
CDxxxxxx – [35] Anna [448].mp3
CDxxxxxx – [36] Cat’s Whiskers [274].mp3
CDxxxxxx – [37] Don’t Go Down in the Mines [407].mp3
CDxxxxxx – [38] Informer [407].mp3
CDxxxxxx – [39] Man in the Morgue [407].mp3
CDxxxxxx – [41] Secret of the Mausoleum.mp3
CDxxxxxx – [42] The Haunting [448].mp3
CDxxxxxx – [43] Victory Over Death [448].mp3
CDxxxxxx – [44] Where The Dead Sleep [275].mp3
CDxxxxxx – [45] White Scarf Strangler.mp3
CDxxxxxx – [xx] Dangerous Dive [407].mp3
CDxxxxxx – [xx] Death in Your Hands [407].mp3
CDxxxxxx – [xx] Face to Face [407].mp3
CDxxxxxx – [xx] Ghost at Ridgeways [407].mp3
CDxxxxxx – [xx] Happier Dead [407].mp3
CDxxxxxx – [xx] Haunted Hangman [407].mp3
CDxxxxxx – [xx] Imposter [407].mp3
CDxxxxxx – [xx] In Your Hands [304].mp3
CDxxxxxx – [xx] Isle Of Lost Souls [448].mp3
CDxxxxxx – [xx] Man In The Lift [448].mp3
CDxxxxxx – [xx] Midnight Express [407].mp3
CDxxxxxx – [xx] The Cards [448].mp3
CDxxxxxx – [xx] The Girl, The Gold, The Getaway [448].mp3
CDxxxxxx – [xx] The Informer [448].mp3
CDxxxxxx – [xx] Vagrant [407].mp3
CDxxxxxx – [xx] Village of Doleside [274].mp3
CDxxxxxx – [xx] Yesterday You Died [407].mp3


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