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Phil Harris was on the Jack Benny Show since 1934, playing the jive-talking hipster bandleader of questionable repute. His band members were helpful in the sarcastic, fast-talking department, too. So when Phil Harris (in real life) married the glamorous and talented movie star Alice Faye, it seemed more like a match made in Hollywood than in Heaven. They knew each other from the old days of the Rudy Vallee Show, and were both radio veterans when they decided, in the Benny tradition, to work together professionally, using their own show-biz personas on Fitch Bandwagon. Hey, Ozzie and Harriett had done well with it!

Includes 173 Episodes!

Episodes On This DVD-R:

00.00.00 Getting A Job For Myrtle.mp3
46.12.08 Fitchbandwagonshow.mp3
47.03.09 Guest – Jackbenny.mp3
48.10.03 Firstrexalldrugstoresponsor.mp3
48.10.10 Retrievingthecontractfromfrankie.mp3
48.10.17 Phyllis’boyfriend.mp3
48.10.24 Theliversteer.mp3
48.10.31 Get Out The Vote.mp3
48.11.07 A Job For Willie.mp3
48.11.14 Thenewdrug.mp3
48.11.21 Healthfooddiet.mp3
48.12.05 Frankie Borrows The Kids.mp3
48.12.12 Babysitters.mp3
48.12.19 Visit From Santa (With Jack Benny).mp3
48.12.26 Broken Christmas Gift.mp3
49.01.02 Phil Thinks He Is Being Drafted.mp3
49.01.09 Willie Is Engaged To Miss O’connor.mp3
49.01.16 The Band Is Not Invited To The President’s Ball.mp3
49.01.23 Preparing To Attend The Inaugural Ball.mp3
49.01.30 Volunteer Fire Chief.mp3
49.02.06 Phil Has To Fire Frank Remley.mp3
49.02.13 Someone Sends Alice Flowers For Valentines Day.mp3
49.02.20 Remley Moves In (Aka Jury Duty).mp3
49.02.27 Getting Remley A Job.mp3
49.03.06 Houseguest Remley Gambles.mp3
49.03.13 Frank Remley Is Re – Hired By Rexall.mp3
49.03.20 Alice Wants A House For Her Mother.mp3
49.03.27 Vacation Plans And The Sponsor’s Daughter.mp3
49.04.03 Thesponsor’sdaughter.mp3
49.04.10 Thecircus.mp3
49.04.17 Dinnerforteacher.mp3
49.04.24 Movierole.mp3
49.05.01 Springcleaning.mp3
49.05.08 Mother’sday.mp3
49.05.15 Cadillacintheswimmingpool.mp3
49.05.22 Phil’s Boat.mp3
49.06.05 Tonsilectomy.mp3
49.06.19 Frankie’s Foster Son.mp3
49.06.26 Theoption.mp3
49.09.25 Theoffice.mp3
49.10.02 Acarforalice.mp3
49.10.09 Beauty Shop.mp3
49.10.16 Themarketfight.mp3
49.10.23 Mrscott’sparty.mp3
49.10.30 Uke Lesson.mp3
49.11.06 Tv Show Proposal.mp3
49.11.13 Rewiringthehouse.mp3
49.11.20 Talent Scout Wants The Kids.mp3
49.11.27 Investment In Female Wrestler.mp3
49.12.04 The Perfume Salesman.mp3
49.12.11 Aminkcoatforalice.mp3
49.12.18 Cutting Down A Christmas Tree For The Town.mp3
49.12.19 Hiring A Santa Claus.mp3
49.12.25 Christmasshow Wjackbenny.mp3
50.01.01 Singinglessons.mp3
50.01.08 Paintonthepoodle.mp3
50.01.15 Homelate Aka Fixingthefurnace.mp3
50.01.22 Phil’sbirthdaystatue.mp3
50.01.29 Trainticketstonewyork.mp3
50.02.05 Publicityforphil.mp3
50.02.12 Phil Wins Contest.mp3
50.02.19 Returning To Hollywood.mp3
50.02.26 Remley Writes A Movie Script For Phil.mp3
50.03.05 Saving Marjorie From Her Lover.mp3
50.03.12 Trying To Break Up Julius And Marjorie.mp3
50.03.19 Alice Gets A New Car.mp3
50.03.26 Lastdayinpalmsprings.mp3
50.04.02 Remley’s Flying Saucer Saga.mp3
50.04.09 Too Many Easter Bunnies.mp3
50.04.16 Phil Is Cinderella.mp3
50.04.30 Hiring A Secretary For Phil.mp3
50.05.07 Phil Buys A Gangster’s Trunk For His Trip.mp3
50.05.14 Cooking Dinner For Alice.mp3
50.05.21 Alice & Phil Take Drivers’ License Exams.mp3
50.05.28 Southpacific.mp3
51.02.13 Valentines Day.mp3
51.02.25 Golf Game.mp3
51.04.01 Song Writers.mp3
52.12.21 Alice Volunteers Phil To Play Santa.mp3
53.09.25 Courtship Of Elliot.mp3
53.10.02 Horse Race.mp3
53.10.09 Alice’s First Date.mp3
53.10.16 Barbells Scotland.mp3
53.10.23 How To Repair A Living Room.mp3
53.10.30 Phil & Alice Romance.mp3
53.11.06 From Here To Eternity.mp3
53.11.13 Trip To The Moon.mp3
53.11.20 Birthday Gift.mp3
53.11.27 Traffic In Los Angeles.mp3
53.12.04 A Night With Phil.mp3
53.12.11 Jessica Dragging Neck.mp3
53.12.18 The Chaperone (Complete With Warmup).mp3



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