Just Plain Bill Old Time Radio Shows OTR MP3 CD 7 Episodes


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Soap Opera creator King & Queen team, Frank & Anne Hummert, were inspired to write a soap opera surrounding the life of a small-town barber. Several titles were considered for their new ‘Soap’, including: “Haircutter of Hartville,” “Barber of Hartville,” also “Bill the Barber.” The final choice was very much more simple & plain: “Just Plain Bill” was the final title choice.

Bill Davidson, a good-natured, soft-spoken, homespun country philosopher, sensitive to needs of friends & relatives, offered level-headed advice to help them straighten out their tangled lives. Bill’s listeners identified with him, because he was just like them, as noted in program opening line. Bill had a wise mind, huge heart and his arms were always open for arising problems within his circle of friends & family. These dramas frequently revolved around his tiny family: daughter, Nancy Donovan; her lawyer-husband, Kerry Donovan; and Bill’s grandson, Wiki Donovan.

Includes 7 episode on this MP3 CD-R


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