Federal Agent Old Time Radio Show MP3 On CD-R 14 Episodes OTR OTRS


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Federal Agent were a collection of stories from Federal Agents around the world, such as Scotland Yard, The French Surete, The Canadian RCMP and others across the globe. These crime dramas were quite entertaining. The stories in Federal Agent gave an insight into the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, The French Surete, Scotland Yard, and more. While there were episodes dealing with our own countries Federal Agents also included. This old time radio spy and espionage series came out a few years before The Silent Men. Which while similar, turned out to be a much more popular shows. The episodes themselves are pretty good, with 15 minute episodes they were shorter in length than most other shows of this type. However the plots were pretty tight, as well as being well written. But to be honest, this show probably would have lasted a longer time had they been full half hour shows. In addition, while being a good show, it just didn’t cut it during the time that it was introduced. There was just too much other competition in this genre of show.

Includes 14 Episodes!

Some Of The Episodes On This CD-R:

FAGNTxxxxxx – [01] Escaped Convicts.mp3
FAGNTxxxxxx – [02] Bankrobbers And Paris Bank.mp3
FAGNTxxxxxx – [03] A Spy Airplane Crashes.mp3
FAGNTxxxxxx – [05] A Killing In London.mp3
FAGNTxxxxxx – [21] Sabotage in Canada [475].mp3
FAGNTxxxxxx – [22] Nick Scauno [475].mp3
FAGNTxxxxxx – [23] Henry Benton [475].mp3
FAGNTxxxxxx – [24] Tim Conroy [475].mp3
FAGNTxxxxxx – [25] Stolen Masterpiece [475].mp3
FAGNTxxxxxx – [26] English Harry [475].mp3
FAGNTxxxxxx – [35] Chinatown [475].mp3
FAGNTxxxxxx – [36] Weight And Measure [475].mp3
FAGNTxxxxxx – [xx] A Killing in London [475].mp3
FAGNTxxxxxx – [xx] Small Town Bank Robbery.mp3


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