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Happy Father’s Day from OTR World! The OTR World Father’s Day Radio Shows Collection is now available.

These Old Time Radio Show MP3 files are recorded on a DVD-R due to size and MAY NOT play in any MP3 device, only a computer.


Includes 211 Episodes!

MP3 Episodes On This DVD-R:

10thMan471107 – (03) The Child Is Father To The Man.mp3
1735 Cavalcade of America – Father Junipero Serra.mp3
1863 Cavalcade of America – Father of Plastics.mp3
1938 1211 Father Coughlin – Jews Support Communism.mp3
1939 0312 Father Coughlin – Bonds & Neutrality.mp3
1939 0326 Father Coughlin – Czeckoslovakia – Problem in America.mp3
1939 0903 Father Coughlin – Good Samaritan.mp3
62_673 – Radiants – Father Knows Best.mp3
65_401 – Brook Benton – Mother Nature, Father Time 128 JS.mp3
AC450614 – Costello’s Father’s Day Gift.mp3
AC450621 – Shopping for Father’s Day Gift [397].mp3
ACxxxxxx – Father’s Day [289].mp3
ADWJ440801 – Father’s Birthday [454].mp3
AIR530616 – [541] Father of Medicine.mp3
ANDNxxxxxx – Father-in-Law’s Visit [426].mp3
ANDNxxxxxx – Mary’s Father to Visit [000].mp3
ARCH490521 – Father Brings Home a Television [200].mp3
Americas Famous Fathers xxxxxx – [12] Lowell Thomas.mp3
Americas Famous Fathers xxxxxx – [24] Theodore Roosevelt.mp3
Aunt Mary 42xxxx – [323] Paul Will Call Kitt’s Father.mp3
Ave Maria Hour xxxxxx – [xxx] Father Chaminade.mp3
Ave Maria Hour xxxxxx – [xxx] Father Damien.mp3
Ave Maria Hour xxxxxx – [xxx] Father Paul Of Greymoor.mp3
Ave Maria Hour xxxxxx – [xxx] The Fourth Commandment – Honor Thy Father And Thy Mother – Part 4.mp3
BSNK440614 – The World’s Most Patient Father.mp3
BSNKxxxxxx – [Sketch] Four Fathers.mp3
BSTRY500104 – Murder and a Frustrated Father.mp3
Betty and Bob 470618 – [004] Anita Rusack Escapes From Her Father.mp3
Bringing Up Father 410701 – First Show [219].mp3
CAD490218 – Father Of Beauty Queen Seeks Jerry.mp3
CBSRMT 810102 – Sins of the Fathers.mp3
CDNP500828 – Father’s Day [313].mp3
CND580411 – [075] Father Knows Best [000].mp3
CND580910 – [183] Father Told of Name Situation [000].mp3
CSPY500815 – The Case of the Foolish Father [420].mp3
Can You Imagine That 40xxxx – (33) His Brother’s Father.mp3
Cecil and Sally 3xxxxx – [1164] Cecil and Sally Confront April and Her Father With the Truth.mp3
Coast To Coast On A Bus 370620 – Father’s Day.mp3
Comic Weekly Man 520217 – [252] Girlfriend’s Father, First Comic – Hopalong Cassidy.mp3
Comic Weekly Man 520511 – [264] Father Likes Changes, First Comic – Hopalong Cassidy.mp3
Comic Weekly Man 530726 – [327] Flash Captured by Giants, First Comic – Bringing Up Father.mp3
Comic Weekly Man 530823 – [331] Riddle Riding Bicycle, First Comic – Bringing Up Father.mp3
Comic Weekly Man 531011 – [338] Riddle – Add Ten to Nothing, First Comic – Bringing Up Father.mp3
DFRM480912 – The Father of the Blues.mp3
DFRM491009 – Father to Son [314].mp3
DN550308 – Big Father [027].mp3
DT500615 – Fathers’ Day.mp3
DT511207 – Archie the Father-Baby Left on Doorstep [158].mp3
Dr Paul 591021 – [008] Elizabeth Bott And Her Father Wonder About Dr. Paul.mp3
EC370620 – Father’s Day.mp3
Eternal Light 471026 – [0154] Father and the Angels.mp3
Eternal Light 560408 – [0576] My Unpredictable Story Telling Father.mp3
Eternal Light 580112 – [0668] My Father’s Talis (Repeat of 451014).mp3
Eternal Light 580202 – [0671] The Wisdom of the Fathers.mp3
Eternal Light 580608 – [0687] In His Father’s House.mp3
Eternal Light 590510 – [0735] My Unpredictable Story Telling Father (Repeat of 560408).mp3
Eternal Light 630414 – [0933] My Father’s Talis (Repeat of 580112).mp3
Eternal Light 680331 – [xxxx] In Thy Father’s House.mp3
FBI501229 – The Temporary Father [393].mp3
FBI510608 – The Return of Father Crime [393].mp3
FCGN400114 – FDR’s Message To Congress.mp3
FCGN400204 – No Father C – Announcements [250].mp3
FKB500112 – Elusive Card Game [181].mp3
FKB500504 – An Uncontrolled Dog [178].mp3
FKB500525 – Superstitious Folk [178].mp3
FKB500615 – Picnic For Father’s Day [070].mp3
FKB500928 – The New Girlfriend [175].mp3
FKB501123 – Happy Thanksgiving [181].mp3
FKB501214 – Father Becomes Ill [181].mp3
FKB501221 – Christmas Program [181].mp3
FKB501228 – Party Preparations [181].mp3
FKB510118 – Redecoration Woes [181].mp3
FKB510125 – Sound Matchmaking [181].mp3
FKB510201 – Jim Inherits a Ranch in Arizona [181].mp3
FKB510614 – Jim Trains For Fathers’ Day Picnic [412].mp3
FKB510920 – A Diet Discussion [181].mp3
FKB520911 – Watching the Dog [178].mp3
FKB520918 – Weekend Activity [178].mp3
FKB520925 – Should Women Work [175].mp3
FKB521009 – Betty and Crooner [175].mp3
FKB521016 – Bud Quits School [178].mp3
FKB521030 – A Carnival In Town [179].mp3
FKB530423 – Old Father Time [175].mp3
FKB530924 – Mind Your Manners [182].mp3
FKB531001 – A Date Mix-Up with Leonard and Ralph and Betty [175].mp3
FKB531008 – The Value of Money [175].mp3
FKB531015 – The Life of the Party [175].mp3
FKB531022 – Too Many Peanuts [175].mp3
FKB531029 – Halloween Blues [175].mp3
FKB531105 – Moving to Chicago [175].mp3
FKB531112 – Betty’s Engagement [175].mp3
FKB540218 – Betty’s Freedom [175].mp3
FKB540225 – Check Writing [175].mp3
FKB540304 – Spring Cleaning [175].mp3
FKB540311 – False Elopement [175].mp3
FKB540318 – Income Tax Mix-Up [175].mp3
FKB540325 – Rainy Day Activity [175].mp3
FLS470626 – [04] Father to Give Away the Bride [469].mp3
FMM4xxxxx – [xxx] Did Son Kill Father [475].mp3
FORD471228 – Father, Dear Father [408].mp3
FPD410711 – Father Against Son [472].mp3
Famous Fathers 41xxxx – [12] Survivors Of A Plane Crash.mp3
Famous Fathers 41xxxx – [24] Fathers In The Household.mp3
Father Brown – The Absence of Mr Glass.mp3
Father Brown – The Blue Cross.mp3
Father Brown – The Eye of Apollo.mp3
Father Brown – The Queer Feet.mp3
Father Brown, The Adv of 450722 – [08] The Three Tools Of Death.mp3
Father Brown, The Adv of 450813 – [12] The Mystified Mind.mp3
GDBG411021 – [106x] Dr Cater and His Father Talk [414].mp3
GDBG420115 – [1133] Fatherly Talk With Mr Way [414].mp3
GDBGxxxxxx – [0941] Leah Confronts Her Father [414].mp3
GDBGxxxxxx – [0989] Dr Cater’s Father [414].mp3
GDBGxxxxxx – [0994] Dr Cater and His Father [414].mp3
GDBGxxxxxx – [1000] Sylvia Needs a Father [414].mp3
GG420621 – Father’s Day Chair [038].mp3
GG491012 – Gildy at Hospital with Expectant Father [305].mp3
GG510117 – A Nervous Expectant Father [320].mp3
GG510523 – Bronco’s Father Arrives – Twins Are Named [320].mp3
GG540106 – Irene’s Father Pushes for a Wedding [322].mp3
GS550122 – Sins of Our Fathers [130].mp3
GS560311 – Bringing Down Father [131].mp3
GS600207 – Delia’s Father [133].mp3
GS610423 – Father and Son [133].mp3
Gleason and Armstrong xxxxxx – [084] Oswald’s Father Recites Santa Fe History.mp3
HGWT590927 – Like Father [116].mp3
HGWT600807 – Father O’Tool’s Organ Part 1 [262].mp3
HGWT600814 – Father O’Tool’s Organ Part 2 [262].mp3
HHH551221 – The Trial of Father Christmas [474].mp3
HHH581225 – Bill & Father Christmas [237].mp3
Heroes of Civilization 36xxxx – [21] Father Damien.mp3
JB390618 – Father’s Day Leaving For Waukegan [007].mp3
JB400616 – Father’s Day [163].mp3
JB401229 – Father Time Rides Again [217].mp3
JB420524 – Phil Becomes a Father [248].mp3
JS660618 – A Mace for Father’s Day.mp3
Kay Fairchild Stepmother 390921 – Kay Accuses Her Father.mp3
Kay Fairchild Stepmother 400913 – Flashback to Father.mp3
LA410826 – Baby’s Father Shows Up [167].mp3
LA420826 – Baby’s Father Shows Up [203].mp3
LA461023 – Duncan’s Father-In-Law [413].mp3
LOR450304 – [060] Expectant Fathers [081].mp3
LOR460615 – [117] A New Suit for Father’s Day [078].mp3
LOR480207 – [187] Father and Son Banquet [004].mp3
LOR480619 – [206] Father’s Day – Bathrobes [083].mp3
LOR481119 – [220] Father-in-Law Trouble – Thanksgiving Flashback [083].mp3
LOR491104 – [252] The Expectant Father [004].mp3
LOR500616 – [284] Two TVs for Father’s Day.mp3
LOR510105 – [300] Peg’s Father Comes to Visit [082].mp3
LR390113 – Swindler Claims To Be Father.mp3
LR460403 – Father’s Reward.mp3
LR480317 – Like Father, Like Son [279].mp3
LR480512 – Fathersatlaw.mp3
LR500710 – Mistake Of The Father [279].mp3
LR520123 – Father’s Footsteps [246].mp3
LRT500320 – Father Was a Fullback.mp3
Life With The Lyons 511122 – Its a Wise Father [000].mp3
Life With The Lyons 530313 – How to Be a Good Father [000].mp3
Life With The Lyons 540121 – Father’s Day [000].mp3
MIMHxxxxxx – [017] Father and Son [450].mp3
MM510105 – Montague’s Father [395].mp3
MM510616 – Father of the Year [395].mp3
Marriage 540207 – [19] Ben’s Father Comes for a 3 Week Visit .mp3
Marriage 540321 – [25] Emily Worships Her Father [396].mp3
Maxwell House Good News 380901 – [36] Guest – Father Edward J Flannagan.mp3
Meet the Press 600124 – Hyman Rickover – Admiral Father of theAtomic Navy.mp3
Movietown Radio Theater 510708 – [xx] Borrowed Father.mp3
My Son Jeep 530614 – [021] Father Says No.mp3
NB501228 – The Expectant Father [083].mp3
NB511228 – Expectant Father [445].mp3
NF811211 – In the Name of the Father [287].mp3
Nightmare 53xxxx Coincidence – [Billy is convicted for killing future father-in-law].mp3
OITC530219 – (05) Boy Defies Father and Becomes a Sailor [000].mp3
OITC530305 – (07) Youngster Kills Step-Father in Self-Defense [000].mp3
OZ460623 – Ozzie Thinks He’s A New Father.mp3
PNFH490402 – Father Lahey Joe Feldman [066].mp3
Proudly We Hail 530208 – [227] The Father of Ohio.mp3
QK460616 – Father’s Day Show.mp3
QK510121 – Moses’ FatherinLaw [000].mp3
REDS391018 – Avalon Time [42] Expectant Father.mp3
REDSxxxxxx – Avalon Time – Fathers Day And Hotels [377].mp3
RRD470619 – Father Flanagan’s Toughest Customer [361].mp3
Radio Detectives 20000314 – [13] Father Brown [462].mp3
Radio Theater xxxxxx – I Never Sang for My Father.mp3
Ranger Bill xxxxxx – [168] The Jealous Step-Father.mp3
Red Horse Ranch 3xxxxx – (12) Rose Talks With Her Father.mp3
SA490324 – Land of Our Fathers [324].mp3
SPIM52xxxx – [05] Emily Rumbolt’s Father [227].mp3
Sermons xxxxxx – James Kyle Paisley [000].mp3
Sound Bites 370411 – Father Charles Coughlin Denounces FDR’s New Deal [346].mp3
TAFxxxxxx – Trouble with Kathleens Father [204].mp3
TZ321012 – Tarzan Rescues Jane’s Father [056].mp3
The Biggest Heart 510330 – [24] Father Jim Monahan Story.mp3
The Cass Daley Show 500727 – Cass Thinks Father is a Klepto.mp3
The Pacific Story 440312 – [036] Sun Yat Sen  Father of the Republic of China – [First half only].mp3
Theme – Father Knows Best  [047].mp3
This Is Nora Drake 471209 – Dr Jensen Tells Rose Noras Father Been Admitted.mp3
This Is Nora Drake 471209 Dr Jensen Tells Rose That Nora’s Father Has Just Been Admitted.mp3
Tom Mix 390310 – Jane’s Father [000].mp3
Turks – Father Time  (1958-Keen)-1.mp3
Turks – Father Time  (1958-Keen).mp3
UN Radio 53xxxx – Letter From Father.mp3
WBO730213 – Father Knows Best – Billy Gray [472].mp3
WW450227 – Faith of Our Fathers [243].mp3
YUKN451120 – Father Donovan.mp3
YUKN491230 – The Prodigal Father.mp3
YUKN511218 – Sins of the Father.mp3




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