Everything For The Boys Old Time Radio Show MP3 On CD-R 17 Episodes OTR OTRS


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A dramatic anthology and later musical variety show, Everything for the Boys united Ronald Colman (actor) and Arch Oboler (eccentric writer/director) in a montage of star-studded names and famous plays. Ginger Rogers, Greer Garson, Ingrid Bergman, and Loretta Young were but a few of the stars and starlets that graced this fabulous drama. Sponsored by Electric Autolite Company, Everything for the Boys was broadcast simultaneously overseas and in the US to connect the boys in WWII with their families and friends back home.

Includes 17 Episodes!

Some Of The Episodes On This CD-R:

EFTB440118 – Petrified Forest [475] [000].mp3
EFTB440201 – Lost Horizon [000].mp3
EFTB440208 – Berkeley Square [000].mp3
EFTB440215 – A Man To Remember [475] [000].mp3
EFTB440222 – The Woman Stayed Home [000].mp3
EFTB440307 – Of Human Bondage [000].mp3
EFTB440314 – The Ghost Goes West [000].mp3
EFTB440321 – A Girl on the Road [000].mp3
EFTB440328 – An Ostrich Bed (Broken Glass Master) [000].mp3
EFTB440404 – This Living Book [000].mp3
EFTB440411 – The Citadel [000].mp3
EFTB440418 – The Jarvis Bay [000].mp3
EFTB440425 – Death Takes a Holiday [000].mp3
EFTB440502 – Buried Alive [000].mp3
EFTB440509 – This Above All [000].mp3
EFTB440516 – Blithe Spirit [000].mp3
EFTB440523 – Quality Street [000].mp3


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