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The Milton Berle Show Old Time Radio Shows 44 Episodes On MP3 CD


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Scripted by Hal Block and Martin Ragaway, The Milton Berle Show brought Berle together with Arnold Stang, later a familiar face as Berle's TV sidekick. Others in the cast were Pert Kelton, Mary Schipp, Jack Albertson, Arthur Q. Bryan, Ed Begley, vocalist Dick Forney and announcer Frank Gallop. The Ray Bloch Orchestra provided the music for the series. Sponsored by Philip Morris, it aired on NBC from March 11, 1947, until April 13, 1948.

Includes 44 Episodes! 

MP3 Episodes On This CD:

MB460722 - The Kiss and Make-Up Court of Petty Grievances [37.mp3
MB470805 - Salute to the Great Outdoors [244].mp3
MB470812 - Salute to Summer Sports [319].mp3
MB470819 - Relaxation [244].mp3
MB470826 - Salutes the Railways of America [319].mp3
MB470902 - Salute to South America [258].mp3
MB470909 - Salutes the American Farmer [319].mp3
MB470916 - Salute to Radio [319].mp3
MB470923 - Salutes the Great Automobile Industry [319].mp3
MB470930 - Tribute to Brooklyn [319].mp3
MB471007 - Salutes the Old West [319].mp3
MB471014 - Salutes New York Theater Season Opening [319].mp3
MB471021 - Salute to Good Health [319].mp3
MB471028 - Salutes Navy Day [319].mp3
MB471104 - Salutes Sport of the Hour - King Football [319].mp3
MB471111 - Salutes Washington Dc [319].mp3
MB471118 - Salutes the Opera [319].mp3
MB471125 - Salute to Thanksgiving [319].mp3
MB471202 - Salute to Public Servants - Unsung Heros [319].mp3
MB471209 - Salute to Prize Fighting [319].mp3
MB471216 - Salutes the Department Stores of America [319].mp3
MB471223 - Salutes Christmas [319].mp3
MB471230 - Salutes the New Year [319].mp3
MB480106 - Salutes Winter Sports [319].mp3
MB480120 - Salutes Wall Street and High Finance [319].mp3
MB480127 - Salutes New York [273].mp3
MB480203 - Salutes Gambling [273].mp3
MB480210 - Salutes California [319].mp3
MB480217 - Salutes the Communication Industry [319].mp3
MB480224 - Salutes Women [319].mp3
MB480302 - Salute to Literature [319].mp3
MB480309 - Salutes Income Tax [319].mp3
MB480316 - Salutes the Great Game of Politics [319].mp3
MB480323 - Salutes the Coming of Spring [273].mp3
MB480330 - Salutes Horse Racing - Sport of Kings [273].mp3
MB480406 - Salutes Motoring [273].mp3
MB480413 - Salutes Health [273].mp3
MB480922 - Salute to Education [477].mp3
MB481229 - Salutes New Year.mp3
MB490112 - Salute to Winter Sports.mp3
MB490420 - Salute to Baseball [477].mp3
MB531013 - The Buick Berle Show with V Damone, J Cooper, Dagmar [209].mp3
MB560912 - Recollections at Thirty [372].mp3
MBxxxxxx - Library - Fragment [320].mp3