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Tax Day Collection Old Time Radio Show MP3 On CD-R 76 Episodes OTR OTRS


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This is the OTR World Tax Day Collection that includes various Old Time Radio Shows that have an Income Tax theme.

Includes 76 Episodes!

Some Of The Episodes On This CD-R:

AA450302 - Income Tax Woes Part 1 [005].mp3
AA450309 - Income Tax Woes Part 2 [005].mp3
AC460314 - Lou Has To Pay Income Tax [334].mp3
AC470306 - Talking About Paying Income Tax.mp3
AC480310 - Costello Pays Income Tax [288].mp3
ADM481125 - [08] Taxes [000].mp3
BA480115 - Income Tax Time.mp3
BA500226 - Preparing The Income Tax.mp3
BHSxxxxxx - Filling Out Income Tax [475].mp3
BIONxxxxxx - [341] Tax Your Belief [297].mp3
BK480611 - Income Tax Refund.mp3
BSNK400215 - Tax Returns.mp3
BSNK410213 - Taxes Again.mp3
Claudia 480312 - [120] Income Tax.mp3
Claudia 490314 - [381] Taxed Again.mp3
CND580414 - [076] Income Tax Forms [000].mp3
CND600316 - [576] 1958 Tax Return Audit [000].mp3
CND600323 - [581] Income Tax Inspector [000].mp3
CND600324 - [582] Tax Examination Begins [000].mp3
CND600325 - [583] Tax Man Gets a Surprise [000].mp3
CND600426 - [605] Domestic Help Tax Return [000].mp3
CND600427 - [606] Social Security Tax Problems [000].mp3
CND600428 - [607] Figuring out Amount of Tax [000].mp3
EAA500227 - 1947 Tax Audit (1st half).mp3
FA440312 - How are you doing with your income tax.mp3
FKB510315 - Tax Interruptions [243].mp3
FKB540318 - Income Tax Mix-Up [175].mp3
FM440111 - 1943 Income Tax Return.mp3
FM470520 - Tax Assessor.mp3
FM491122 - Tax Bill - Thanksgiving.mp3
FM520219 - Letter From The Tax Collecter.mp3
FM530519 - Old Law To Escape Taxes.mp3
FM531218 - The $42.60 Tax Refund.mp3
FM540302 - Federal Income Tax Preparation.mp3
FM571207 - Tax Problems.mp3
FTN521128 - Death and Taxes [420].mp3
Fulton Lewis 42xxxx - Big Tax Increase Passed [000].mp3
GDBG411007 - [105x] Back Taxes [414].mp3
GG430314 - Income Tax Time [038].mp3
GG440116 - Income Tax Returns [038].mp3
GH391017 - Sales Tax Racket [430].mp3
GH400318 - One Goes Out As Two Go In [aka Property Tax Racket].mp3
GH400612 - Sales Make a Swindle [aka Sales Tax Racket].mp3
HHH561104 - The Income Tax Demand [226].mp3
HHHxxxxxx - The Income Tax Demand [170].mp3
HPS510314 - Income Tax [370].mp3
LA410617 - Owe Taxes On Rabbits [441].mp3
LA420202 - Filling out Income Tax Form [076].mp3
LA480208 - Land In Pine Ridge is Being Auctioned Off For taxes.mp3
LA480315 - Income Tax Return [434].mp3
LA480707 - Money Problems with Back Taxes - Pilot for Half-Ho.mp3
LA481003 - Lum And Abner Are Having Trouble Paying Their Back Taxes [xxx].mp3
LR410321 - The Tax Collector [249].mp3
LR411203 - Death And Taxes [001].mp3
LR430301 - Death And Taxes [265].mp3
LWL490306 - Income Tax Problems [354].mp3
LWL500117 - Income Tax Season [218].mp3
LWL500307 - Income Tax Season [387].mp3
LWL520311 - Income Tax Problems [177].mp3
Marriage 540307 - [23] Filling Out Income Tax Forms [396].mp3
MB480309 - Salutes Income Tax [319].mp3
OZ450311 - Tax Return and the Blue Suit [004].mp3
OZ490313 - Income Tax Problems [004].mp3
PAF531013 - Scare Away Tax Collector [397].mp3
PHAF511125 - Indians Don't Pay Income Taxes.mp3
REDS390311 - Avalon Time [10] Income Tax Problems.mp3
REDS500312 - [276] Tax Troubles.mp3
REDS500319 - [277] Town Hall Tax Meeting.mp3
SBSxxxxxx - [131] 'Taxes' [430].mp3
Sealtest Village Store 440309 - Joan Gets Help With Her Income Tax.mp3
Sound Bites 36xxxx - BBC Chamberlain On Tax Hikes For Armaments [xxx].mp3
Strange As It Seems 3xxxxx - [034] The Beard Tax.mp3
That's Rich 54xxxx - Income Tax.mp3
TSM511202 - Death And Taxes [378].mp3