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Life With The Lyons Old Time Radio Show

Life With The Lyons Old Time Radio Show“Life With The Lyons”

was a British radio & television domestic sitcom dating from the 1950s (debut: 1950-11-05). What was most unusual about this sitcom, was that it featured real-life American family members, Ben Lyon & his wife, Bebe Daniels.

The real life couple had settled in London during World War II & were featured with comedian Vic Oliver in the radio series (1940-1949) “Hi, Gang!” “Life with the Lyons” carried on where “Hi, Gang!” left off, and together with Ben & Bebe, were featured their children, Richard & Barbara Lyon. Although this program was completely scripted, it expanded on real-life events. It was, however, definitely not reality television!

Molly Weir was their Scottish housekeeper Aggie MacDonald, Doris Rogers was the nosey neighbour Florrie Wainwright & Horace Percival played Mr. Wimple. Two movies were produced from this program & the show then leaped to BBC TV; later on, it went on to ITV.

John Lennon & Yoko Ono paid tribute to the series in the naming of their 2nd album, “Unfinished Music No.2: Life with the Lions.” This was the album cover on which John Lennon is with many ‘British Officers of the Law.’

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