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Official Detective Old Time Radio Shows OTR OTRS 5 Episodes MP3 CD-R


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Official Detective ran from 1950 to 1956 and was a classic old time radio police drama starring Craig McDonnell as Detective Lieutenant Dan Britt and Tommy Evans as Sergeant Al Bowen. The show features a crime from the start to the end and then it gets solved by a detective.

Includes 5 Episodes on this CD-R:

Episodes Include:

Official Detective 500214 - [151] Three Men Dealing with Currency Exchanges.mp3
Official Detective 560223 - [463] Murder in Butcher Shop, Gay Sailor Suspected.mp3
Official Detective 561101 - [499] Drunk Accused Of MurderMrs Abel Murdered.mp3
Official Detective 561108 - [500] Spinster Murdered Pauline Smith is Shot.mp3
Official Detective 561129 - [503] Murdered Bridegroom.mp3