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Night Cap Yarns Old Time Radio Shows OTR 6 Episodes MP3 CD-R


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"Nightcap Yarns" was syndicated by the Radio Recorders Transcription Company. Not a real drama, the show has John Nesbitt reading various adventure filled short stories.
* Announcer: Art Gilmore * Sponsor: The Cardinal Company
Broadcast during the 1930s and into the 1940s, "Nightcap Yarns" was a 15 minute, Monday thru Friday evening, Syndicated Storytime - a different type of story each weekday evening, " end off your busy work-day."

Includes 6 Episodes on this CD-R:

Episodes Include:

Night Cap Yarns 390327 - Professor Goes To Museum.mp3
Night Cap Yarns 390329 - Cactus HasA Heart.mp3
Night Cap Yarns 390426 - Salute The Major.mp3
Night Cap Yarns 390427 - Close Shave.mp3
Night Cap Yarns 400130 - Gift Of Freedom.mp3
Night Cap Yarns xxxxxx - Two Hundred Dollars.mp3