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Nick Harris Detective Old Time Radio Shows OTR 10 Episodes MP3 CD-R


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Based off the successes of Nicholas Boilvin Harris, Nick Harris is a top sleuth of the early 1900s. The real man Nick Harris was a police reporter for the LA Times when he was asked to join the Los Angeles Police Department by the captain of the LAPD.

In 1906, a few years later, Nick Harris started his own detective agency and went on to create the Nick Harris Professional Detective School. He and his colleagues solved even the most baffling of crimes. Rivaling the likes of Sherlock Holmes, Nick Harris became such a popular figure that this old time radio show was created.

Includes 10 Episodes on this CD-R:

Episodes Include:

Nick Harris Detective 340214 - The Case of The Avenging Angel.mp3
Nick Harris Detective 340221 - The Avenging Angel Strikes Again.mp3
Nick Harris Detective 380701 - The Young Shoplifter Pt.1.mp3
Nick Harris Detective 380708 - The Young Shoplifter Pt.2.mp3
Nick Harris Detective 380715 - Fatal Ace of Spades.mp3
Nick Harris Detective 380722 - Drops of Blood.mp3
Nick Harris Detective 381106 - Murder InA Hospital.mp3
Nick Harris Detective 390523 - A Womans Wrath.mp3
Nick Harris Detective 390530 - Altar of Sacrifice.mp3
Nick Harris Detective 390627 - Murder On Impulse.mp3