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New Year's Collection OTR Old Time Radio Show MP3 On CD-R 85 Episodes


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OTR World New Year's Collection featuring New Year's episodes from Abbott & Costello, Sealtest Variety, Jack Benny, and more.

Includes 85 Episodes!

Episodes On This CD:

A New Year's Wish 480101 - Franklin MacCormick [475].mp3
AA431231 - New Years Eve [005].mp3
AA441229 - New Year's Eve Party [005].mp3
AA481226 - Mysterious New Years Card [006].mp3
AA540103 - Andy's New Year's Date [006].mp3
AC471231 - New Year's Eve.mp3
Alone On New Year's Eve-Manhattans-1966-Carnival.mp3
Ave Maria Hour xxxxxx - [xxx] Dawn of a New Year.mp3
Ave Maria Hour xxxxxx - [xxx] New Year's Day In A Taxi.mp3
BA481230 - New Years Eve Party.mp3
BB-GL721231 - New Year's Eve [200].mp3
BRxxxxxx - G [10] Steve Bosco New Year's Greetings [474].mp3
CCP480101 - Hot New Year's Party [152].mp3
CND581231 - [263] Do Sick on New Year's Eve [000].mp3
Claudia 471231 - [068] New Year's Eve.mp3
Claudia 480101 - [069] Julia's New Year Musicale.mp3
Claudia 481230 - [329] Planning New Year's.mp3
Comic Weekly Man 520106 - [246] New Year's Party, First Comic - Hopalong Cassidy.mp3
Comic Weekly Man 520127 - [249] Keeping New Year Resolutions, First Comic - Hopalong Cassidy.mp3
DN510308 - Big New Years [304].mp3
EC441227 - New Year's Show [000].mp3
FA471214 - George Jessel - Booking New Year Party [166].mp3
FKB531231 - New Years Sitter [058].mp3
FM351230 - New Year's Celebration.mp3
FM431228 - A Fresh Start For New Year.mp3
FM520101 - New Year's Day Visiting.mp3
FM521230 - New Year's Dance.mp3
FM531228 - Planning Elks' Club New Year's Party.mp3
FM540101 - A Quiet New Year's Day At Home.mp3
GG441231 - Big New Year's Eve Party [031].mp3
GG451230 - New Year's Eve at Home [031].mp3
GG470101 - Big New Year's Costume Ball [159].mp3
GG471231 - New Year's Eve Parties [159].mp3
GG501227 - Gildy-Bullard Double Date New Year's Eve [320].mp3
GG521231 - New Year's Eve with Peavey [322].mp3
GG531230 - New Year's Eve at Home with Leroy [322].mp3
GS560101 - Pucket's New Year [131].mp3
GS580105 - Pucket's New Year [337].mp3
GS591227 - Puckett's New Year [260].mp3
HPS501227 - New Years Barn Dance [370].mp3
Happy Hank 481230 - [268] New Year's Resolutions.mp3
Henry Morgan Show 491230 - [121] New Years Eve Show.mp3
IPTBI441229 - New Years Resolution [384].mp3
ISIRTA 700322 - 3-17 to Cleethorpes [000].mp3
JB391231 - No New Year's Eve Date For Jack [007].mp3
JB420104 - New Year's Eve Party at the Biltmore Bowl [173].mp3
JB421227 - New Years Eve Skit [234].mp3
JB451230 - New Year's Show [007].mp3
JB500101 - Jack's New Year's Date [094].mp3
JB501231 - A New Year's Fantasy [147].mp3
JB511230 - New Year's Eve Date with a French Girl [264].mp3
JS641230 - New Year's Eve at the Burlesque [195].mp3
JS750101 - New Year's Resolution [344].mp3
JSxxxxxx - New Year's Eve at the Burlesque [480].mp3
LA400101 - Lum's New Year Resolution [161].mp3
LA450101 - New Year's Day at Abner's [327].mp3
LOR441231 - [051] New Year's Eve Party [480].mp3
LOR461228 - [137] New Year's Eve - 10 Dates for Babs [100].mp3
LOR481231 - [226] Riley Invites Himself To Boss' New Year's Party [231].mp3
LWL491227 - New Year's Phone Call [387].mp3
Little Things in Life, The 751229 - [106] Aunt Maggie's New Year's Trip.mp3
Little Things in Life, The 751231 - [108] New Year's Eve And All Alone.mp3
Little Things in Life, The 760101 - [109] The New Year's Resolution.mp3
MB471230 - Salutes the New Year [319].mp3
MB481229 - Salutes New Year.mp3
MTRV470105 - New Year's Nightmare [127].mp3
Magic Key 360126 - Chinese New Year.mp3
Marriage 531227 - [13] New Year's Eve [396].mp3
OMB500101 - [073] Babysitting On New Years Eve.mp3
PHAF501231 - Sponsor's New Year's Eve Party.mp3
PTSBLM471229 - New Year's Eve Show [000].mp3
QPLS471229 - Rain On New Year's Eve [137].mp3
REDS501231 - [305] New Year's Puzzle.mp3
Radio Hall of Fame 431226 - [004] New Years Message.mp3
Robert Arden News Commentary 410101 - New Year's War News.mp3
SVT481230 - New Year's Eve [449].mp3
SherH471228 - New Year's Eve Off the Coast of Scilly Isles [1.mp3
Sound Bites 321231 - DRF Hindenburg New Year's Eve Address ' The Battle At Tannenberg' [346].mp3
Suspense 570113 - Russian New Year [208].mp3
TAF481230 - New Year's Eve Party [166].mp3
TCK620101 - Breaking In The New Year [389].mp3
Thirty Minutes In Hollywood 380101 - [13] New Year Eve Broadcast.mp3
What Are You Doing New Year's Eve-Dante & Evergreens-1960-Madison.mp3
Wonder Show 381230 - A New Year's Party.mp3
YUKN451229 - New Year's Eve.mp3