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NBC University Theater Old Time Radio Shows 110 Episodes On MP3 DVD-R OTR OTRS


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'NBC University Theater (also known as NBC University Theater of the Air, NBC Theater of the Air or NBC Theater) was a radio series directed by Homer Heck that presented adaptations of classic novels, often described as "Anglo-American literature." The show was born The World's Great Novels on WMAQ, Chicago, and NBC from 1944 to 1948, and adopted its better known name when it relocated to Hollywood in July 1948.

Please Note: This is an MP3 DVD-R and will only play in a computer with a DVD player and maybe some regular DVD players.

Includes 110 Episodes!

Episodes Included On This DVD-R:

NBC480806 - Farewell to Arms [297].mp3
NBC480813 - Number One [297].mp3
NBC480820 - Noon Wine [297].mp3
NBC480827 - Romantic Comedians [297].mp3
NBC480903 - Candide [297].mp3
NBC480910 - Peter Ibbertson [297].mp3
NBC480917 - The Purloined Letter [297].mp3
NBC480924 - Gulliver's Travel's [297].mp3
NBC481003 - Lord Jim [320].mp3
NBC481010 - An American Tragedy [320].mp3
NBC481017 - History of Mr Polly [320].mp3
NBC481024 - They Stooped to Folly [320].mp3
NBC481031 - Justice [320].mp3
NBC481107 - Arrowsmith [320].mp3
NBC481114 - Of Human Bondage [320].mp3
NBC481121 - Short, Happy Life of Francis Macomber [320].mp3
NBC481128 - A Passage to India [320].mp3
NBC481205 - Three Soldiers [320].mp3
NBC481212 - After Many a Summer Dies the Swan [320].mp3
NBC481226 - Alice in Wonderland [320].mp3
NBC490102 - Main Street [320].mp3
NBC490109 - Grapes of Wrath The [321].mp3
NBC490116 - All the King's Men [256].mp3
NBC490206 - Gulliver's Travels [219].mp3
NBC490213 - Tom Jones [228].mp3
NBC490220 - Pride and Prejudice [320].mp3
NBC490227 - Heart of Mid-Lotheian [320].mp3
NBC490306 - Tales of Edgar Allen Poe [228].mp3
NBC490313 - The Pickwick Papers [320].mp3
NBC490320 - The Marble Fawn [228].mp3
NBC490327 - The History of Henry Esmond [320].mp3
NBC490403 - Jane Eyre [321].mp3
NBC490410 - Moby Dick [228].mp3
NBC490417 - Huckelberry Finn [185].mp3
NBC490424 - The Way of All Flesh [321].mp3
NBC490501 - The Mayor of Casterbridge [321].mp3
NBC490508 - The Red Badge of Courage [321].mp3
NBC490515 - Heart of Darkness [228].mp3
NBC490522 - The Age of Consent [321].mp3
NBC490529 - The Ambassadors [321].mp3
NBC490605 - Short, Happy Life of Francis Mccomber [321].mp3
NBC490612 - A Passage to India [321].mp3
NBC490702 - The Ides of March [327].mp3
NBC490709 - Goodby, Mr Chips [327].mp3
NBC490716 - Point of No Return [327].mp3
NBC490723 - How Green Was My Valley [228].mp3
NBC490730 - This Side of Paradise [327].mp3
NBC490806 - The Death of a Heart [327].mp3
NBC490820 - The Crusaders [327].mp3
NBC490827 - George Orwell's 1984 [205].mp3
NBC490903 - Precious Bane [327].mp3
NBC490925 - Penrod [327].mp3
NBC491002 - Portrait of a Lady [335].mp3
NBC491009 - The House of Mirth [335].mp3
NBC491016 - Sister Carrie [335].mp3
NBC491030 - Dark Laughter [335].mp3
NBC491106 - Dodsworth [335].mp3
NBC491113 - Babalon Revisited [335].mp3
NBC491120 - For Whom the Bells Toll [335].mp3
NBC491127 - Point of No Return [335].mp3
NBC491204 - The Wild Palms [335].mp3
NBC491218 - You Can't Go Home Again [335].mp3
NBC500101 - Great Expectations [335].mp3
NBC500108 - Manhattan Transfer [335].mp3
NBC500115 - The Ides of March [323].mp3
NBC500122 - At Heaven's Gate [322].mp3
NBC500129 - And [323].mp3
NBC500205 - Track of the Cat [322].mp3
NBC500212 - The Light That Failed [323].mp3
NBC500219 - Victory [322].mp3
NBC500226 - The Patrician [323].mp3
NBC500305 - Tonobungay [288].mp3
NBC500312 - There Is No Convention [322].mp3
NBC500319 - Angel Pavement [323].mp3
NBC500326 - Howard's End [322].mp3
NBC500402 - Mrs Dalloway [323].mp3
NBC500409 - The Nazarine [322].mp3
NBC500416 - After Many a Summer Dies the Swan [323].mp3
NBC500423 - Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man [322].mp3
NBC500430 - Sons and Lovers [323].mp3
NBC500507 - England Made Me [322].mp3
NBC500514 - Protter Violet [323].mp3
NBC500521 - The House in Paris [322].mp3
NBC500528 - Imperial Palace [323].mp3
NBC500604 - Gallion's Reach [322].mp3
NBC500611 - Monsieur Vincent [323].mp3
NBC500618 - The Wild Palms [322].mp3
NBC500625 - The Doctor in Spite of Himself [323].mp3
NBC500702 - The Chips Are Down [322].mp3
NBC500709 - The Time of Man [323].mp3
NBC500716 - The Treasure of Franchard [322].mp3
NBC500723 - The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn [323].mp3
NBC500730 - Trents Last Case [076].mp3
NBC500806 - Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court [076].mp3
NBC500820 - A High Wind in Jamaica [323].mp3
NBC500827 - Hedda Gabbler [322].mp3
NBC500903 - The Crime of Sylvester Bonard [323].mp3
NBC500910 - Lost Horizon [322].mp3
NBC500917 - Portrait in the Mirror [323].mp3
NBC500924 - Don Quixote [282].mp3
NBC501001 - Jonathan Wilde [322].mp3
NBC501008 - Candide [323].mp3
NBC501015 - North Anger Abby [322].mp3
NBC501022 - Pere Goric [323].mp3
NBC501102 - The Red and the Black [322].mp3
NBC501227 - The Gambler [323].mp3
NBC510103 - The Kreutzer Sonata [322].mp3
NBC510117 - Daisy Miller [323].mp3
NBC510124 - The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg [322].mp3
NBC510214 - The Withered Arm [323].mp3