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NBC Short Story Old Time Radio Shows 20 Episodes On MP3 CD-R OTR OTRS


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NBC Presents: Short Story was a half-hour program offering dramatizations of contemporary American short stories by famed writers such as William Faulkner, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Shirley Jackson.

Broadcasting from Hollywood, the series premiered February 21, 1951 on NBC with an adaptation of "Fifty Grand" by Ernest Hemingway. Script editor for the series was Hugh Kemp, who supervised scripts by George Lefferts, Ernest Kinoy and others. The series was first heard on Wednesdays at 10:30pm EST and then moved May 4 to Fridays at 8:00pm. Featuring stories by Conrad Aiken ("Silent Snow, Secret Snow"), Sherwood Anderson, Stephen Vincent Benét, Ring Lardner and John Steinbeck, the first series continued until July 13. The dramas were directed by Andrew C. Love. Overall supervision of production was by Margaret Cuthbert and Wade Arnold. Lamont Johnson, Don Stanley and John Wald were the announcers.

Includes 20 Episodes!

Episodes Included On This CD-R:

NBCSS510228 - Mr Arqularis [392].mp3
NBCSS510307 - Crazy Sunday [392].mp3
NBCSS510314 - The Lottery [190].mp3
NBCSS510328 - Shadow of Evil [392].mp3
NBCSS510404 - The Honored [185].mp3
NBCSS510418 - Beautiful Summer in Newport [392].mp3
NBCSS510425 - I Want to Know Why - I'm a Fool [392].mp3
NBCSS510525 - The Piano [200].mp3
NBCSS520104 - The Rocket [392].mp3
NBCSS520222 - The Windfall [187].mp3
NBCSS520516 - Scuttlebutt [482].mp3
NBCSS520523 - DeMortious [185].mp3
NBCSSxxxxxx - A Cask of Amontiado [392].mp3
NBCSSxxxxxx - Bell Tower Of Beladono [182].mp3
NBCSSxxxxxx - Cast Of Amontiago [185].mp3
NBCSSxxxxxx - Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde [392].mp3
NBCSSxxxxxx - Fall of the House of Usher [392].mp3
NBCSSxxxxxx - Frankenstein [205].mp3
NBCSSxxxxxx - The Tell-Tale Heart [392].mp3
NBCSSxxxxxx - Thing in the Tunnel [392].mp3