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My Little Margie Old Time Radio Shows 35 Episodes On MP3 CD


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Airing toward the end of the Golden Age of Radio, My Little Margie actually started as a hilarious TV sitcom.

Includes 35 Episodes!
Episodes Included On This CD-R:
MLM521214 - Princess Margie.mp3
MLM521221 - Timmy's Christmas.mp3
MLM53xxxx - Surprise Birthday Party For Vern  [097].mp3
MLM541105 - Verne Adopts Freddie.mp3
MLM541107 - Freddie is Adopted [478].mp3
MLM541212 - Verne Only Has Thirty Days To Live.mp3
MLM550206 - Baby Sitting- 1st Half [478].mp3
MLM550206 - Verne Plays Cards at Home [aka Babysitting].mp3
MLM550220 - Margie's Superstitution [317].mp3
MLM550303 - Miss Guided Missile Contest [373].mp3
MLM550417 - Spending Spree - 2nd Half [478].mp3
MLM550417 - Verne Buys a Racehorse [aka Spending Spree].mp3
MLM550522 - Does Margie Marry Freddie.mp3
MLM550605 - Crooked Campaign Manager.mp3
MLM550612 - Trip To Silver Lake [aka Spending the Night on the Roof].mp3
MLM550617 - Camping Trip [478].mp3
MLM550717 - Verne Reunites with Od Friends.mp3
MLM550731 - Station KREJ.mp3
MLM550901 - Quiz Show [aka Hawaii Trip].mp3
MLM55xxxx - Connie Returns From Europe.mp3
MLM55xxxx - Marge and Freddie Break Up.mp3
MLM55xxxx - Margie Gets Freddie a Job.mp3
MLM55xxxx - Stolen Pearls.mp3
MLMxxxxxx - 100 Shares of Stock.mp3
MLMxxxxxx - Big Moose's Son Visits.mp3
MLMxxxxxx - Connie Returns from Europe [478].mp3
MLMxxxxxx - Dad's Birthday - Vern's Party - Wealthy Mrs Purvis.mp3.mp3
MLMxxxxxx - Foreign Legion.mp3
MLMxxxxxx - Freddie's Uncle.mp3
MLMxxxxxx - Held by Crooks-Pearls [478].mp3
MLMxxxxxx - Little Moose [478].mp3
MLMxxxxxx - Love's Trouble [478].mp3
MLMxxxxxx - Thanksgiving.mp3
MLMxxxxxx - Verne Buys a Race Horse [478].mp3
MLMxxxxxx - Verne's Old Friends [478].mp3