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Music Depreciation Old Time Radio Shows 24 Episodes On MP3 CD


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24 episodes of the Old Time Radio Show "Music Depreciation".

Includes 24 Episodes!

Episodes Included On This CD-R:

MD410901 - Dixieland One-Step [431].mp3
MD441029 - Two and One Half Minute Waltz [411].mp3
MD441105 - Black and Blue Danube [411].mp3
MD441112 - Night Ride [411].mp3
MD441119 - Syncopation [411].mp3
MD441126 - Little Boy Blue (Schubert's Serenade) [411].mp3
MD441203 - Strike up the Band [411].mp3
MD441210 - Continental [411].mp3
MD441217 - Song of India [411].mp3
MD441231 - Bori Bori [411].mp3
MD450107 - La Cucaracha [411].mp3
MD450114 - Vulga Boatman [411].mp3
MD450121 - Deep Night [411].mp3
MD450204 - Mexican Hat Dance [411].mp3
MD450211 - Caravan [411].mp3
MD450218 - Lullaby of Broadway [411].mp3
MD450225 - Tico Tico [411].mp3
MD450304 - La Cucaracha [411].mp3
MD450311 - Great Day [411].mp3
MD450318 - Donkey Serenade [411].mp3
MD450325 - Bim, Bam, Boom [411].mp3
MD450401 - Parisian Market [411].mp3
MD450408 - There's a Small Hotel [411].mp3
MD450422 - Last Show [411].mp3