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Men At Sea Old Time Radio Shows OTR MP3 On CD 11 Episodes


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Men At Sea was produced to be aired in three, eight-week sets, beginning with the Summer of 1943 and airing each subsequent Summer for the next two years as Summer replacements for The Great Gildersleeve. Each of the three summer replacement seasons of Men At Sea contained a mix of stories covering all aspects of the various important missions of the Merchant Marine. 

Includes 11 Episodes!


MP3 Episodes On This CD:


Men At Sea 430711 - [02] Story ofA Convoy.mp3
Men At Sea 430718 - [03] Landlocked Shipyards.mp3
Men At Sea 430801 - [05] The Pacific Lifeline.mp3
Men At Sea 430815 - [07] Surviving Attacks At Sea.mp3
Men At Sea 430822 - [08] Cargo.mp3
Men At Sea 440716 - [xx] The Libertys Invade.mp3
Men At Sea 440723 - [xx] The Skipper Returns To Sea.mp3
Men At Sea 440806 - [xx] Nor Death Dismay.mp3
Men At Sea 450708 - [xx] The Long Haul.mp3
Men At Sea 450805 - [xx] Beans, Bullets, and Oil.mp3
Men At Sea 450819 - [xx] The Bid Was Four Hearts.mp3