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Memorial Day Collection Old Time Radio Shows OTRS MP3 CD 19 Episodes


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Happy Memorial Day from OTR World! The OTR World Memorial Day Collection is now available.

Includes 19 Episodes!

MP3 Episodes On This CD-R:

Against the Storm 410530 - Memorial Day Memories.mp3
Anthology 540530 - [13] Memorial Day 1954.mp3
Anthology 550529 - [63] Memorial Day 1955.mp3
COA360527 - [034] Resourcefulness.mp3
COA370526 - [084] Songs of the American Indian.mp3
COA380525 - [136] Child Welfare in the United States.mp3
COA390522 - [166] Dolly Madison.mp3
COA410526 - [228] Johns Hopkins.mp3
COA430531 - [333] Mr Lincoln's Wife.mp3
COA460527 - [481] Spin a Silver Dollar.mp3
Columbia Workshop 461012 - [035] Brewsie and Willie.mp3
Eddie Cantor - Texaco Town 37-05-30 (37) Show Aired to England.mp3
Eyes Aloft 421207 (0017) - Special Pearl Harbor Memorial.mp3
GG430530 - Memorial Day Parade [038].mp3
MOTT460525 - Memorial Day Parade.mp3
Raymond Gram Swing 450530 - Gen Eisenhower's Memorial Day Order of the Day.mp3
Rudy Vallee Royal Gelatin Hour 380526 - (xxx) Guest - Judy Canova.mp3
Sound Bites 49xxxx - AFRS How Sleep the Brave Memorial Day.mp3