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Hollywood Star Playhouse Old Time Radio Shows OTR OTRS MP3 On CD 18 Episodes


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As the name implies, Hollywood Star Playhouse featured movie stars, as did a number of other old-time radio programs. A news brief announcing the premiere broadcast noted that the program would feature "a different top screen personality each week in original stories of mystery and adventure by leading Hollywood writers." Those stories were what distinguished this program from others, according to radio historian John Dunning He wrote that the stories were "tense, original suspense plays well suited for the half-hour." Writers usually created scripts for specific stars. One story, The Six Shooter, broadcast April 13, 1952, starred Stewart and later was turned into a series by that same name in which Stewart starred.
Includes 18 Episodes!
HSP500619 - Venom.mp3
HSP500918 - A Question of Time.mp3
HSP501009 - Of Night and the River.mp3
HSP501113 - Exhibit A.mp3
HSP510115 - Statement in Full.mp3
HSP510129 - Later Than You Think.mp3
HSP510205 - Calculated Risk.mp3
HSP510709 - Knee High to a Corpse.mp3
HSP510726 - Im a Coward.mp3
HSP510816 - An Obit for Joe.mp3
HSP510920 - Hour of Truth.mp3
HSP520110 - The Frontier.mp3
HSP520413 - The Six Shooter.mp3
HSP520427 - Nor Gloom of Night.mp3
HSP520518 - Safari.mp3
HSP520817 - Haunt Me Not.mp3
HSP520907 - The Tenth Planet.mp3
HSP521102 - The Big One.mp3