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Hall Of Fantasy Old Time Radio Shows OTR OTRS MP3 On MP3 CD CD-R 69 Episodes


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 This was a mystery show broadcast on KSL radio, Salt Lake City Utah in the late 1940's and early 1950's.

Includes 69 Episodes!

MP3 Episodes On This CD:

HOF470213 - The Perfect Script [240].mp3
HOF470306 - Death in the Bayous.mp3
HOF470403 - The Judge's House [416].mp3
HOF470410 - Man Size in Marble [416].mp3
HOF470424 - Markheim [416].mp3
HOF470501 - The Mark of Shame.mp3
HOF500311 - He Who Follows Me [146].mp3
HOF500318 - The Beast with Red Eyes.mp3
HOF520822 - The Castle of Lavoca.mp3
HOF520905 - The Shadow People.mp3
HOF520919 - Steps That Follow Me [416].mp3
HOF530105 - The Hangman's Rope [475].mp3
HOF530119 - Cask of Amontillado [146].mp3
HOF530126 - The Black Figurene of Death [240].mp3
HOF530202 - The Silver Flask [240].mp3
HOF530209 - Dance Of The Devil Dolls [120].mp3
HOF530302 - The Diamonds of Death.mp3
HOF530309 - The Masks Of Ashor [120].mp3
HOF530323 - The Night the Fog Came In [240].mp3
HOF530330 - The Beast with the Red Eyes [301].mp3
HOF530406 - The Return from Death [240].mp3
HOF530413 - Demon of the Night [240].mp3
HOF530420 - Out of the Sky [240].mp3
HOF530427 - The Wild Huntsman [118].mp3
HOF530504 - Idol of Cromm Cruac [245].mp3
HOF530511 - Spectre of Denston Castle [245].mp3
HOF530518 - The Crawling Thing [119].mp3
HOF530525 - Twisting Weeds Death [118].mp3
HOF530601 - The Tell-Tale Heart [119].mp3
HOF530608 - The Hand of Botar [146].mp3
HOF530615 - Jewels of Kali [146].mp3
HOF530622 - The Marquis of Death [118].mp3
HOF530629 - Temple Of Huitzilipochle [146].mp3
HOF530706 - The Man in Black [117].mp3
HOF530720 - Treasure Kublai Khan [117].mp3
HOF530727 - The Automaton [118].mp3
HOF530803 - Bracelet of Amoniris [146].mp3
HOF530810 - The Man From the Second Earth [240].mp3
HOF530817 - Stone's Revenge [294].mp3
HOF530824 - The Sea Phantom [119].mp3
HOF530831 - Diamonds of Death [119].mp3
HOF530921 - The Shadow People [117].mp3
HOF531005 - The Dance of the Devil Dolls (Repeat of 530309).mp3
HOF531012 - The Sea Phantom (Repeat of 530824).mp3
HOF531019 - The Return from Death (Repeat of 530406).mp3
HOF531026 - He Who Follows Me (Repeat of 530311).mp3
HOF531102 - The Temple of Huizilipochle (Repeat of 530629).mp3
HOF531109 - The Telltale Heart (Repeat of 530601).mp3
HOF531116 - The Crawling Thing (Repeat of 530518).mp3
HOF531123 - The Masks of Ashor (Repeat of 530309).mp3
HOF531130 - Diamonds of Death (Repeat of 530831).mp3
HOF531207 - The Shadow People (Repeat of 520905).mp3
HOF531214 - The Silver Flask (Repeat of 530202).mp3
HOF531221 - The Night the Fog Came (Repeat of 530323).mp3
HOF531228 - The Black Figurene of Death (Repeat of 530126).mp3
HOF540104 - The Cask of Amontillado (Repeat of 530119).mp3
HOF540111 - The Marquise of Death (Repeat of 530622).mp3
HOF540118 - The Man in Black (Repeat of 530706).mp3
HOF540125 - The Wild Huntsman (Repeat of 530427).mp3
HOF540201 - The Twisting Weeds of Death (Repeat of 530525).mp3
HOF540208 - The Automaton (Repeat of 530727).mp3
HOF540215 - The Treasure of Kublai Khan (Repeat of 530720).mp3
HOF540222 - The Hangman's Rope (Repeat 0f 530105).mp3
HOF540301 - The Golden Bracelet of Amoniris (Repeat of 530803).mp3
HOF540308 - The Hand of Botar (Repeat of 530608).mp3
HOF540315 - Stone's Revenge (Repeat of 530817).mp3
HOF540322 - The Jewels of Kali (Repeat of 530615).mp3
HOF540329 - Castle of Lavoca [117].mp3
HOF540406 - Return From Death [148].mp3