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Presenting Charles Boyer OTR Old Time Radio Shows MP3 On CD 16 Episodes

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Episodes of the old-time radio series "Presenting Charles Boyer". This was a 1950 mid-summer replacement series for "Fibber McGee and Molly".Includes 16 Episodes!Episodes List:Presenting Charles Boyer 500613 - The Adventure of the...

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Episodes of the old-time radio series "Presenting Charles Boyer". This was a 1950 mid-summer replacement series for "Fibber McGee and Molly".

Includes 16 Episodes!

Episodes List:

Presenting Charles Boyer 500613 - [00] The Adventure of the Queen of Sheba - [audition].mp3
Presenting Charles Boyer 500620 - [01] Mr. Smith's Painting.mp3
Presenting Charles Boyer 500627 - [02] Mademoiselle Goldilocks and the Brooklyn Dodger.mp3
Presenting Charles Boyer 500704 - [03] Adventure of the SlideRule Blonde.mp3
Presenting Charles Boyer 500711 - [04] Thief, Beautiful Woman and Life of Crime.mp3
Presenting Charles Boyer 500718 - [05] The Mink Adventure.mp3
Presenting Charles Boyer 500725 - [06] The Adventure of the Perfumed Bloodhound.mp3
Presenting Charles Boyer 500801 - [07] The Royal Phantom of Versailles.mp3
Presenting Charles Boyer 500808 - [08] The Adventure of the Fortune Teller Fortune.mp3
Presenting Charles Boyer 500822 - [10] The Lady in Question.mp3
Presenting Charles Boyer 500912 - [13] Frances First Lady of Theater.mp3
Presenting Charles Boyer 500921 - [15] The Adventure of Painting 137.mp3
Presenting Charles Boyer 500928 - [16] The Clock.mp3
Presenting Charles Boyer 501005 - [17] The Artist and The Orphans.mp3
Presenting Charles Boyer 501019 - [19] Reincarnation.mp3
Presenting Charles Boyer 501026 - [20] The ParisMarseille Highway.mp3



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