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Mysterious Traveler Old Time Radio Shows OTR MP3 On CD 81 Episodes

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The Mysterious Traveler was an anthology radio series, a magazine and a comic book. All three featured stories which ran the gamut from fantasy and science fiction to straight crime dramas...

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The Mysterious Traveler was an anthology radio series, a magazine and a comic book. All three featured stories which ran the gamut from fantasy and science fiction to straight crime dramas of mystery and suspense

The lonely sound of a distant locomotive heralded the arrival of the malevolent narrator (portrayed by Maurice Tarplin), who introduced himself each week in the following manner:

This is the Mysterious Traveler, inviting you to join me on another journey into the strange and terrifying. I hope you will enjoy the trip, that it will thrill you a little and chill you a little. So settle back, get a good grip on your nerves and be comfortable -- if you can!


Includes 81 Episodes!

Episodes On This CD:

MTRV440130 - The House of Death [127].mp3
MTRV440227 - The Good Die Young [127].mp3
MTRV440326 - Stranger in the House [480].mp3
MTRV440402 - Out of the Past [127].mp3
MTRV440409 - Beware Of Tomorrow [091].mp3
MTRV440416 - The Accusing Corpse [127].mp3
MTRV440702 - Queen of the Cats [127].mp3
MTRV440924 - Death Laughs Last [127].mp3
MTRV441007 - The Man the Insects Hated [480].mp3
MTRV450106 - They Who Sleep [127].mp3
MTRV450310 - Case Of Charles Foster [127].mp3
MTRV450324 - Death Comes for Adolph Hitler [127].mp3
MTRV450331 - Murder Goes Free [127].mp3
MTRV460825 - Death Is The Visitor [127].mp3
MTRV460901 - No One On The Line [127].mp3
MTRV460908 - Symphony Of Death [127].mp3
MTRV461229 - If You Believe [127].mp3
MTRV470105 - New Year's Nightmare [127].mp3
MTRV470112 - No Grave Can Hold Me [480].mp3
MTRV470309 - The Woman In Black [127].mp3
MTRV470413 - Dark Destiny [127].mp3
MTRV470525 - Mind Over Murder [127].mp3
MTRV470615 - Death Is The Judge [127].mp3
MTRV470706 - The Locomotive Ghost [127].mp3
MTRV470727 - Man The Insects Hated [127].mp3
MTRV470824 - Murder Goes Free [325].mp3
MTRV470907 - Vacation From Life [127].mp3
MTRV471021 - Death Is My Caller [127].mp3
MTRV471028 - Invitation to Death [343].mp3
MTRV480120 - Man In The Black Derby [127].mp3
MTRV480224 - The Man Who Died Twice [127].mp3
MTRV480316 - They Struck It Rich [127].mp3
MTRV480420 - Murder in Jazztime [127].mp3
MTRV480504 - They Who Sleep [385].mp3
MTRV480511 - I Won't Die Alone [127].mp3
MTRV480518 - Death Writes a Letter [162].mp3
MTRV480608 - Murder Is My Business [127].mp3
MTRV480615 - Queen Of The Cats [127].mp3
MTRV480622 - Zero Hour [162].mp3
MTRV480706 - The Man Who Vanished [127].mp3
MTRV480810 - The Visiting Corpse [127].mp3
MTRV480921 - Death Has A Thousand Faces [127].mp3
MTRV481005 - Death Rings Down the Curtain [128].mp3
MTRV490106 - Devil and Deep Blue Sea [128].mp3
MTRV490113 - The Accusing Corpse [385].mp3
MTRV490329 - Death Has A Cold Breath [128].mp3
MTRV490419 - Out Of The Past [128].mp3
MTRV490524 - Behind the Locked Doors [203].mp3
MTRV490614 - No Grave Can Hold Me [249].mp3
MTRV490705 - The Case of Charles Foster.mp3
MTRV490802 - Planet Zevius [384].mp3
MTRV491011 - The Last Survivor [128].mp3
MTRV491025 - No One on the Line [480].mp3
MTRV500110 - Survival Of The Fittest [128].mp3
MTRV500207 - The Man Who Tried To Save Lincoln [099].mp3
MTRV500314 - The Big Brain [128].mp3
MTRV500404 - The Man From Singapore [128].mp3
MTRV500411 - Operation Tomorrow [128].mp3
MTRV500418 - Death At Fifty Fathoms [128].mp3
MTRV500425 - I Died Last Night [128].mp3
MTRV500502 - SOS [128].mp3
MTRV500523 - The Lady In Red [128].mp3
MTRV500606 - Killer At Large [128].mp3
MTRV500718 - Killer Come Home [128].mp3
MTRV500905 - Mind Over Murder.mp3
MTRV510313 - Knives of Death [128].mp3
MTRV510501 - The Planet Zevius [128].mp3
MTRV510828 - Fire in the Sky [128].mp3
MTRV511009 - The Man That Knew Everything [128].mp3
MTRV511106 - Behind The Locked Doors [099].mp3
MTRV511120 - Most Famous Man in the World [128].mp3
MTRV511211 - Hideout [128].mp3
MTRV511225 - Christmas Story [128].mp3
MTRV520108 - It's Only Money [128].mp3
MTRV520115 - Key Witness [128].mp3
MTRV520122 - Change of Address [128].mp3
MTRV520129 - Stranger in the House [128].mp3
MTRV520219 - Strange New World [128].mp3
MTRV520429 - Murder In 2952 [128].mp3
MTRV520603 - Haunted Trailer [128].mp3
MTRV520617 - Green Death [128].mp3

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