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Chicago Theater Of The Air Old Time Radio Shows MP3 CD 24 Episodes


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This unique radio show was created during the rising popularity of operas and dramas in the 1940s with an attempt to add high culture to American entertainment. The operas were sensitively translated into English and were supplemented by strong story dramas. The combination is quite successful and the show covered a variety of operas such as Madame Butterfly, The Vagabond King, The Merry Widow and many others. The show was 60 minutes long as the creators prided themselves in utilizing the complete music and intended plot for each opera.

Includes 24 Episodes!

Episodes On This CD:

CTOTA400516 - Student Prince [451].mp3
CTOTA401012 - Chocolate Soldier [451].mp3
CTOTA401123 - Eileen.mp3
CTOTA430123 - Martha.mp3
CTOTA470531 - Great Waltz [451].mp3
CTOTA490730 - Music In The Air [451].mp3
CTOTA490806 - None But The Lonely Heart [451].mp3
CTOTA490813 - Two Grenadiers [451].mp3
CTOTA491022 - Mikado [309].mp3
CTOTA491029 - The Pink Lady [451].mp3
CTOTA491105 - The Chocolate Soldier [451].mp3
CTOTA491112 - Madame Butterfly [451].mp3
CTOTA491119 - The Gondoliers [451].mp3
CTOTA491126 - The Vagabond King [451].mp3
CTOTA491203 - The Countess Maritza [451].mp3
CTOTA491210 - Mignon [451].mp3
CTOTA491217 - Hansel And Gretel [451].mp3
CTOTA491224 - Babes in Toyland [432].mp3
CTOTA491231 - The Merry Widow [451].mp3
CTOTA500304 - No No Nanette [451].mp3
CTOTA500429 - Bittersweet [451].mp3
CTOTA500506 - The Gypsy Princess [451].mp3
CTOTA500819 - 21st Chicagoland Music Festival.mp3
CTOTA500826 - Summer Series.mp3