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Captain Starr Of Space OTR Old Time Radio Shows OTRS MP3 CD-R 4 Episodes


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Following in the footsteps of Tom Corbett and Space Patrol, Captain Starr shoots around in his rocket, "Shooting Star," on exciting galactic adventures! Starring John Larch, there are only a few shows left of this twice-weekly broadcast program. Join Captain Starr and the space rangers in a wonderfully rare program demonstrating the space mania of the 1950s. Martian thieves, ray machines, and space guns galore - blast off into the wonderful universe of Captain Starr!

Includes 4 Episodes!

MP3 Episodes On This CD:

Captain Starr of Space 53xxxx - Citizens of Mars.mp3
Captain Starr of Space 53xxxx - The Carnumian Return.mp3
Captain Starr of Space 53xxxx - The Mericus Plague.mp3
Captain Starr of Space 53xxxx - The Ray Machine.mp3