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Better Living Radio Theater OTR Old Time Radio Shows OTRS MP3 CD 9 Episodes


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Better Living Radio Theater was a broadcast presented by the electric companies public information program. The show presented the dramatized stories of people who made life better for most people or invented something that saved lives.

Includes 9 Episodes! 

MP3 Episodes On This CD:

BLRT53xxxx - [01] A Million Words A Million Songs.mp3
BLRT53xxxx - [02] George Washingtons Gingerbread Man.mp3
BLRT53xxxx - [03] The Night the Mountain Caught Fire.mp3
BLRT53xxxx - [04] Milk for Millions.mp3
BLRT53xxxx - [05] The Floating City.mp3
BLRT53xxxx - [06] A Half Hour to Death.mp3
BLRT53xxxx - [07] Wings Over the World.mp3
BLRT53xxxx - [08] The Magic Broomstick.mp3
BLRT53xxxx - [09] Mrs. USA.mp3