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Ben Bernie OTR Old Time Radio Show MP3 On CD 14 Episodes


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Ben Bernie, born Bernard Anzelevitz, was an American jazz violinist and radio personality, often introduced as The Old Maestro. He was noted for his showmanship and memorable bits of snappy dialogue.

His musical variety radio shows through the 1930s, usually titled, Ben Bernie, The Old Maestro, were hugely successful, with ratings placing him among radio's top ten programs. He was heard on radio as early as 1923, broadcasting on WJZ and the Blue Network in 1930-31, sponsored by Mennen. After a 1931-32 run on CBS, sponsored by Pabst Beer, he was heard Tuesdays on NBC from 1932 to 1935, also with Pabst. His announcer during this period was Jimmy Wallington.

Includes 14 Episodes!

Episodes On This CD:

Ben Bernie 350212 - Guest - Ginger Rogers.mp3
Ben Bernie 350402 - Guest - Jack Dempsey.mp3
Ben Bernie 350611 - Guest - Frank Parker.mp3
Ben Bernie 350827 - Guest - Jackie Heller.mp3
Ben Bernie 350917 - Guest - Frank Fields.mp3
Ben Bernie 350924 - Guest - Doring Sisters.mp3
Ben Bernie 351015 - Guest - Sophie Tucker.mp3
Ben Bernie 351115 - First Song - Whose Honey Are You.mp3
Ben Bernie 421023 - The Wedding Show - [Not the same as 42-xx-xx].mp3
Ben Bernie 421026 - Saluting The Coast Guard.mp3
Ben Bernie 421211 - Saluting War Workers And The People In Canada.mp3
Ben Bernie 421212 - First Song - Yankee Doodle Boy.mp3
Ben Bernie 42xxxx - The Wedding Show.mp3
Ben Bernie 42xxxx - To The Ladies.mp3