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Behind The Scenes OTR Old Time Radio Show MP3 On CD 20 Episodes


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Behind the Scenes highlighted strange real life stories behind famous books and history, and offered strong stories and little known facts about the lives of famous people throughout history. The show ran in 1947, was hosted by Knox manning and was a short four minute program that packed tons of info into it.

Includes 20 Episodes!

Episodes On This CD:

BTSxxxxxx - [01] Tony Killed Instead of F D R.mp3
BTSxxxxxx - [02] Pocahontas.mp3
BTSxxxxxx - [03] Benedict Arnold.mp3
BTSxxxxxx - [04] Dixie Lee Crosby [451].mp3
BTSxxxxxx - [05] The First Taste of a Tomato.mp3
BTSxxxxxx - [06] Richard E Byrd.mp3
BTSxxxxxx - [07] William Shakespeare [451].mp3
BTSxxxxxx - [08] Will Rogers [451].mp3
BTSxxxxxx - [09] General Bernard Montgomery [451].mp3
BTSxxxxxx - [10] Alexander Graham Bell and Mark Twain [451].mp3
BTSxxxxxx - [11] Gulliver's Travels [451].mp3
BTSxxxxxx - [12] Charlie Jones Syung [451].mp3
BTSxxxxxx - [13] Mozart and Marie Antoinette [451].mp3
BTSxxxxxx - [14] Gen Claire Channault [451].mp3
BTSxxxxxx - [15] George Pullman's Car [451].mp3
BTSxxxxxx - [16] FW Woolworth [451].mp3
BTSxxxxxx - [17] Sarah Bernhardt [451].mp3
BTSxxxxxx - [18] Ellie Culverson Invents the Game of Bridge [451].mp3
BTSxxxxxx - [19] Dr Joseph Plateau's Basis for Movies [451].mp3
BTSxxxxxx - [20] Charles DeGaulle and the Future Army [451].mp3