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Behind The Scenes In Hollywood OTR Old Time Radio Show MP3 On CD 18 Episodes


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Behind the Scenes in Hollywood is a 1940s era show with RKO publicist Bidwell McCormick giving listeners updates on all the latest from the Hollywood studios.

Includes 18 Episodes!

Episodes On This CD:

BTSIH 45xxxx - (01) Creating breastplates for The Robe.mp3
BTSIH 45xxxx - (02) Henry Hull's difficulty doing a death scene in Objective Burma.mp3
BTSIH 45xxxx - (03) What makes a star succeed in Hollywood.mp3
BTSIH 45xxxx - (04) Profiles of Pat O'Brien and Lorraine Day.mp3
BTSIH 45xxxx - (05) Profiles of Hedy Lamar and Danny Kaye.mp3
BTSIH 45xxxx - (06) Getting difficult shots in movies.mp3
BTSIH 45xxxx - (07) How the little people are responsible for the success of motion pictures.mp3
BTSIH 45xxxx - (08) Profiles of Cary Grant and Virginia Mayo.mp3
BTSIH 45xxxx - (09) The sound technician's role in making movies.mp3
BTSIH 45xxxx - (10) Profile of Paulette Goddard.mp3
BTSIH 45xxxx - (11) The ban on sight-seers in productions.mp3
BTSIH 45xxxx - (12) Comparing a Hollywood studio to an industrial plant.mp3
BTSIH 45xxxx - (13) Profile of Paul Lukas.mp3
BTSIH 45xxxx - (14) Profiles of Irene Dunn and Joan Blondell.mp3
BTSIH 45xxxx - (15) How Rita Hayworth's aversion to man-made fog got 68 men in the studio in trouble.mp3
BTSIH 45xxxx - (16) Dubbing actors and how sound is recorded for films.mp3
BTSIH 45xxxx - (17) Getting photgenic ice for a Sonja Henne picture..mp3
BTSIH 45xxxx - (18) Profile of Van Johnson.mp3