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A Date With Judy Old Time Radio Shows OTR MP3 CD 15 Episodes


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A Date With Judy was a 1940s teenage comedy radio show. Starting out as a summer substitute for Bob Hope's Show. The show aired on NBC from 24th June - 16th September. The star of the show was 14 year old Ann Gillis at first. The following season Dellie Ellis took over Judy's role.

Includes 15 Episodes!

Episodes On This CD:

ADWJ420811 - Date for Aunt Lilly [000].mp3
ADWJ440801 - Father's Birthday [454].mp3
ADWJ450123 - Two Parties At The Same Place [000].mp3
ADWJ450206 - Joseph Cotton [386].mp3
ADWJ450320 - Judy Dreams of Frank Sinatra [459].mp3
ADWJ450403 - Date With Charles Boyer [000].mp3
ADWJ460409 - Band Practice.mp3
ADWJ460518 - A New Dress for the Dance [454].mp3
ADWJ460924 - Racetrack [000].mp3
ADWJ461022 - Painting Lodge Hall [000].mp3
ADWJ470218 - Mr.Foster Tries To Rest [000].mp3
ADWJ480504 - Playing Hooky [454].mp3
ADWJ480518 - New Dress For The Big Dance.mp3
ADWJ491103 - Oogy Pringle and His High School Hotlicks [475].mp3
ADWJxxxxxx - Oogie Has A Date With Dorothy Lamour [000].mp3